Making corporate change happen.


  • Planning¬† the change process: goals, new structures and synergies, team and role definitions, deadlines, milestones, budgeting and reporting structures.
  • Ensuring the running of daily business of the company, so that neither client service nor contacts with business partners suffer from the change process.
  • Motivating employees and management to accept the change projects and acquire ownership of the goals, also in situations of mergers or business closure.
  • Facilitating communication:
    • between team members from different companies , i.e. in a merger situation;
    • international communication, if required;
    • with stakeholders (employees, owners, the community).
  • Coordinating client communication, PR and marketing¬†steps.
  • Human resources: defining necessary supplementary manpower and finding internal or external support.
  • Running a tight controlling and reporting system, so as to ensure the deadlines are met, challenges are dealt with at the earliest moment, budget requirements are fulfilled and restrictions respected.
  • Managing the fulfillment of legal requirements and communication with attorneys.